Structured Wiring Contracting Services


Offering comprehensible and high quality low voltage services

Today’s homes cannot support tomorrow’s technologies with yesterday’s wiring techniques

You may be a home builder, or a client that is building, remodeling your home, our Smart Wired House is the perfect partner. We will take care of your home project whatever your needs may be, whether small or large. The Structured Wiring System is a centrally located control unit that manages and distributes   voice, data, audio, and video signals throughout your home.

Pre-wiring for technology is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity .

Design & Consultation

The end result of a great system is in the design. The team at SWH is dedicated to creating a superior audio/video system and home automation. Home/business owners should be educated about the use of low voltage wiring. Everyone should know what is in their walls and how this technology works. Once your walls are closed up, they should stay closed with everything you need installed. A properly engineered plan should be able to adapt many years after you have built or rewired your building. We prepare for the future in your home/business even for the items that people decline. This is wiring that can be accessed at a later date when you choose to update your system. Design is Key

Smart Wired House also installs Wired and wireless network Systems