Home Theater & Cinema


Always focused on a true balance of performance and design, Smart Wired House will create your home cinema with state of the art electronics featuring top of the line speakers, dynamic surround sound, televisions and projection systems. Whether small or a grandiose home entertainment, Smart Wired House combines innovation with comfort in home theater design to celebrate the cinematic experience.

Great Solutions for Your Home Theater

Family movie night isn’t what it used to be. Then again, neither is home theater. Some nights you feel like going to the movies, and others you want to hit the sport bar. The convenience of having smart home wiring will enable you to have both in your own home. Whether it’s movies, sports or special events, nothing rivals a true home entertainment experience.

The words “home theater” can carry different connotations depending on whom you ask. For some it could be a 70-inch LED TV with elegant cabinetry in which to store it, and a modest surround-sound system, while others opt for a 106-inch screen and a projector on-wall speaker. Still, others go for the Cinemascope super wide screen, hidden speakers in a 7.1-channel surround setup, custom theater chairs and risers, and a high performance 1080p projector. You can use existing rooms, remodeled rooms or newly constructive rooms to create an immersive home theater. There are countless solutions to building an amazing entertainment room. So what’s your definition of home theater?